Sunday at Ocean City State Park.  Rowan still doesn’t like the water, but he loves his new red soccer ball.  (His green and white one gave up the ghost last Friday, when he finally popped it.)

Saturday, we went to Tolmie State Park.  Nice trail for hiking around on.  Rowan found some disgarded shells, probably from a clambake, and kept trying to get into them, checking for nummy nibbles.

Rowan digging a hole in the sand on the beach at Fort Stevens State Park in Astoria, Oregon, 07-22-2012.

So on Sunday, we drove down to Astoria, OR, since we were already in the neighborhood, and visited Fort Stevens State Park.  Only $5 for a day pass. 

Rowan has never been to the beach before.  He’s been to a river - the water was fast running and scared him.  So we thought a beach would be excellent - the waves roll in much slower and while it’s not any quieter, it’s certainly not as fast-energy as the rushing river water.

Some pictures make it all worthwile!

An afternoon by the water.